Mr. Mavis Lewis

Mr. Mavis was a beloved pet of Chris and Haidee. Originally just named Mavis, he was renamed to Mr. Mavis after a vet revealed that he was male, and not female as originally suspected. After spending the first six months of his life in rural Wales, he moved to the Bristol to follow his dreams of sampling the best vegetables and nibbles the South West had to offer. Mavis loved his food, particularly romaine lettuce, carrot tops and on one occasion, a stolen pizza crust. He spent most of his life living in Clifton, roaming the flat where he frequently enjoyed sunbathing and sharing veggie meals with Haidee. His long silver and black hair was beautiful and made him very photogenic, although it did mean he had to regularly take baths to avoid becoming too scruffy. He was not a big fan of the bath water, but very much enjoyed being wrapped in a warm towel and being fed afterwards.

Mavis always enjoyed the company of other guinea pigs, and although most of the time was quiet, whenever a new guinea pig was nearby, he would squeak and become very interested, with almost a little bit too much enthusiasm. Although he lived alone for the first portion of his life, in early 2018, Mavis was paired with a younger guinea pig called Buddy. At first they argued a lot, but over time they became best friends. Mavis was dominant and quite bossy, but whenever Buddy became stressed, he became very protective, and would always look to comfort him.

He will be dearly missed by Buddy, Chris and Haidee