Herbie DeBeaufort

Herbie crashed into my life as a foster dog from Hope Rescue, his previous owners having given up on him at 10yrs of age. I knew straight away he would end up staying with me, he had such incredible enthusiasm about everything, and was the goofiest dog in the world; he never failed to make even the hardest face crack into a smile.  He loved cuddling up on the sofa, barking at Jimmy Carr on TV, drenching himself in every body of water he came across (he would even circle in a tiny puddle until he was thoroughly wet and muddy!) and bouncing with excitement at the prospect of any food, but particularly cucumbers (see video on youtube here). We went through a lot together; he got me through some of the toughest moments of my life and I helped him get through his own when he had to learn how to walk again after a suspected FCE took away the use of his back legs. With a few months of hydrotherapy he was back to running about and chasing balls and the only tell-tale signs were a slight pirate swagger and the fact that once his tail started wagging his whole body would join in! At a community fun day dog show he won ribbons for the best disabled dog, 2nd best senior dog, and best trick (if you sat on the floor and put your arms out, he would scuttle over and put his head on your shoulder and nuzzle in to you!). He touched so many more lives than I realised, even now I have friends and colleagues regaling memories of his joie de vivre. I miss him terribly, but knowing he has left me to help others brings some comfort.

Kirstie DeBeaufort