Lola Hughes

Lola bear, lolie, lolz, stinkface, fuffatron 3000, baby girl and old girl. 

You chose me at Cardiff dogs home when you jumped up on the cage. You bucked like a banshee on our first walk because you just wanted to run, Lola, run. 

You ate two pairs of shoes (naughty!) and a whole bar of galaxy once (magically without incident). You always loved going for walks twice a day. You ran after joggers because I made a game of you chasing me, sorry joggers! You were quite the flirt, having a penchant for the small furry boys. Especially Chico the bichon frise!  You also loved running huge circles around your human statues. Being a sighthound, you liked chasing most things, including cats, until that time when one stood up to you and you were finally put in your place. You were a good guard dog for us when you barked at your own reflection in the patio doors.

We loved singing “Billie Jean” with you barking at appropriate points whilst you were scavenging for food by the table. We remember you resting your head on our laps to gain attention and pricking your ears up when you spotted stray food. And we particularly remember the time when you ate a whole steak pie when we left it momentarily unattended, leaving only the tray as evidence of your deed.

You loved standing regally in daffodils and sunning yourself by the bi-fold windows. You hated the rain walks, even with your waterproof coat. You secretly loved wearing your santa outfit tho 😉

You lived to a grand age of 15 and we had 14 gloriously happy years together. We’re so grateful we were home for your last days. It was the cancer that took you but the kidney disease and arthritis prepared us for your goodbye.

We loved your de-lolean ears and your impatient bark when we made you wait too long for your morning strolls.

We’ll miss your nose nudges and moonwalking, love Mama bear & Hannah bear xxx